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My Family – I’ve been married for a ten years, to a very special woman who happens to be my hiking buddy. We have five grown children between the two of us. We are blessed with ten grandchildren. We live in Pacific Northwest, in Kent, just 30 minutes from downtown Seattle or Bellevue, but we love it here. Since our kids are all grown up with their own families our house if quiet with only the occational noise of the city or the pleasant pur of our cat Kelsey. We both love to watch football during the seasons. We love to hike in the mountains and my hobby outside of writing is nature photography. Not with a digital camera but the old school method of 35 mm lenses and tripod. I have taken over 4,000 photographs through my travels in the Pacific Northwest and loved every minute of it.

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(A quote I’d like to share from one of the many writers who have inspired me.)

Uncover the art you were born to make
~ Emily Freeman